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Quantum mechanical noise in complex systems

The research training group explores in an interdisciplinary collaboration the intrinsic quantum mechanical noise in fundamental physical systems, thereby combining the research areas and the scientific young researcher training of the central sections of the physics department in Hannover:

  • solid state physics
  • gravitational physics
  • quantum optics
  • quantum information.

The mutual research of experimentalists and theorists will focus on the three overlapping areas:

  •  noise in low-dimensional,
     quantum mechanical systems
  •  physics beyond the standard quantum limit
  •  noise and correlations in highly complex systems.

The central goal of the research training group is to provide comprehensive training in quantum mechanical and stochastic processes in a demanding and internationally recognized research environment.
The established, manifold, international collaborations stimulate the self-reliance of the Ph.D. students by interconnectedness and international experience. An intense scientific debate between the Ph.D. students is facilitated by the shared workspace in the “Laboratory of Nano and Quantum Engineering”.


The Reasearch Traning Group 1991 is a research project founded in June 2014 by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Starting in October 2014, the RTG will employ twenty five young researchers, with eleven PhD-Positions to be filled by October, 1st.